Operations TSI

As many of you will know, the latest version of the Operations (OPE) TSI became legally binding on the UK in June of this year.

During the lead up to the implementation of the OPE TSI, I ran a number of successful sessions to help prepare companies for the changes.

In these sessions the three most frequently asked questions are reproduced below:

Q1 – Is all of the OPE TSI in force in June 2019?

A – No, the paragraphs on Route Compatability and Appendix D came into force in 2019. Most of the other changes come into force in 2021, however, Appendix C isn’t in force until 2024 as are the requirements for the rear-end signals on freight trains.

Q2 – What are the major changes in the OPE TSI.?

A – The major changes to the OPE TSI are concerned with Route Compatibility, Rear-end signals for freight trains, Signaller-Train Driver communication, introduction of new common operating rules, introduction of fundamental principles of operating the railway.

Q3 – Surely Brexit means we don’t ha e to comply?

Even in a no deal Brexit scenario, the UK will be affected by the OPE TSI! The UK Rail market deals with European suppliers, we operate cross border through the Tunnel and we run services in Europe by contract.

If you are interested in finding out more then please email me on steve.safety@hotmail.co.uk or write to:

S and L Roberts (Railway Consulting) Ltd

1 Bishops Walk, Coventry CV5 6RE

Or telephone:

07880 503102

Happy September




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