Roberts’ Reflections – Railway Operations in the Limelight!

Dear Readers,

I don’t believe that this is the right time for rants, perhaps it will never be so again. I have, therefore, decided to change this blog’s name as you can see.

It is also the right time to metaphorically applaud all those front line railway workers who are truly putting their customers first by running an excellent train service for key workers. Its amazing what can be achieved when all the management stay at home 😊.

I have spent the last few weeks at home firstly finalising a project for the Rail Delivery Group and then starting a new one with Network Rail. This, with ongoing work for RSSB, has kept me out of mischief and not requiring to go on 260 mile journeys πŸ€”

Over the last couple months, HS2 has received formal government approval and has resulted in productive work sites up and down the country. πŸ‘

I’m also very grateful for the webinars being put on by the Rail Industry Association. I am particularly looking forward to the next set on Unlocking Innovation at the end of June – Get involved if you can! ☺️

Talking of webinars, the one I heard last Friday was with Nick King, Managing Director of Network Services (part of Network Rail) reiterating the need to put railway operations back to the forefront of the industry – I couldn’t agree more! The ‘Home Safe Everyday’ message is effective and easily understood. Can we find one for Railway Operations – perhaps, Train on time, Every Time! πŸš‚

Email or reply to this blog if you have something you want to say. As ITV keep telling us Let’s Get Britain Talking!

Stay safe!


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